Take Care SMS Text Messages

Take care SMS text messages are the text messages that are sent through mobile phones to deliver a take care wish for the reader.

These messages are generally framed short and precise and are sent with a feeling of love and care for the reader.

The messages are sent with a generous and a polite tone.

Sample Take Care SMS Text Messages

[blockquote]I wish I could come close to you and say that please take care of you. You are such a dear friend to me and your company is the best thing to be. Take care and stay happy![/blockquote]

  • I was thinking about you all this while. A thought of you brings me a smile. Just a small message to say that please take care, because to me you are so dear.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]If ever you do not feel alright, I will be there to hold you tight. At this point of time when it is night, your dreams should be so clear and bright. Just messaging to say that take care of you and I am sure that you will easily sail through.[/notice]
  • No matter what come in our way, I will never be away. Since I am not there, just a message to say that please take care.

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