Funny Teacher’s Day Messages

Teacher’s day is a day marked for teachers or educators, to show them respect and gratefulness. On this day, a student may add humor while greeting his teacher with a teacher’s day wish.

This can be done by sending messages that are called funny teacher’s day messages to the teachers. These messages are written in a funnier yet respectable way.

Sample Funny Teacher’s Day Messages

[blockquote]I don’t want to miss an opportunity to inform you that I can never get a lenient and a compassionate teacher as you. We never studied in your class, but enjoyed your lectures. On this teacher’s day we all want to thank you for making our classroom lectures so interesting. Happy teacher’s day.[/blockquote]

  • On this teacher’s day, dearest ma’am, I want to confess you that you are so lovely! Happy teacher’s day to the world’s prettiest teacher.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You were always a centre of attraction to all of the guys of our class. Dearest teacher, you were a great mentor and an enthusiast to all of us. Happy teacher’s day.[/notice]
  • It is an acceptable fact that good teachers are rare to find but teachers like you are the rarest. It was such a pleasant journey to be studied by a beautiful teacher like you. Happy teacher’s day.

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