Teacher’s Day Gratitude Messages From Parents

Teacher’s day gratitude messages are sent not only by the students, but, too, the parents of the students as a way of thanking them for taking care of their child/ren as if they are the second parents. This is how every teacher’s are considered to most parents, especially if they have witnessed how passionate the teacher is in the field of teaching, combining patience and love to the students as they are considered dear to the teacher. If you want to express your gratitude to a particular teacher of youngster/s, then reading this article will give you lots of idea as to what to write on a teacher’s day message.

This article offers sample teacher’s day messages from parents for free. This type of message are usually handed along with the teacher’s day messages of their teachers to fill the celebration with gratitude from the fulfillment of teacher’s dreams. If you think that there is a necessity in making some changes in the cited situation, sentences, phrases, or words, then you may certainly do that at your fancy’s content. In so doing, it is important not to overlook upon the importance of choosing the perfect words so that the reader will feel how heartily the message is composed. There are also instances where you feel like making your own teacher’s day message for purposes of being unique, if you feel like doing it then you can use the sample messages below as your guideline for you to create an impact to a teacher’s life. The tone comes in vital and it can only be set perfectly by using the words appropriately. The tone of a perfect composition should be filled with gratitude, sincerity, and love. This message is suggested to be handwritten or printed in the form of a letter.

  • Dear (name of the teacher), first of all I want to apologize for the misbehavior of my dearest child. I am fully aware how it could infuriate a person to the next level, yet your tolerance has never run so thin. Instead you continue to discipline him, even if everyone thinks that he is a hopeless case, I believe he is not a hopeless case though for the reason that I have seen the improvement of the behavior, and the second reason is he is my child. I want to thank you so much for not giving up on my child and teaching him the best way possible you can. Your innovative ways should be practiced by others in you profession for them to become the most wanted teachers in the school. It makes me so much happy that there is someone out there who loves my child a well, despite the troubles that are caused by him. My husband and I takes pride that we enrolled our child to your school and even more grateful that you are the teacher assigned to teach my child. We love you so much and thank you, once again.


  • One of the many things that I am most grateful about having a daughter is finding out that someone out there is so willing impart the worldly knowledge just for the young children to get survive in the harshness of the world’s future. I highly appreciate for doing your best as a teacher and for having a patience just suitable to your profession. It is truly an honor to let our child be taught in that university for you are present in it. Every night I usually ask my kid how school was and my kid’s reply would always be I wish teacher (name of the teacher) is the teacher assigned to all of my courses so because she is the only one whose teaching skills are effective. I was glad from the mention of your name and whispered a silent thank you in my mind, though we have never met personally. Anyway we owe you an infinite gratitude and may your passion in teaching burn endlessly. Thank you so much and you have a good one.


  • Hello, (name of the teacher), happy teacher’s day! I want to let you know how happy my wife and are for the interest of my kid in studying has made a huge improvement. Truth be told we were close to giving up about his studies that we made a decision to let him quit school because of his awful scholastic performance since forever, but you changed all of that. When the report card was handed over to us I was expecting that he will get straight F’s, instead he got straight A’s. I was shocked with disbelief for I knew nothing about this improvement in him and what factor unlocked the brilliance of his mind. I am deeply sorry for having thoughts about giving up on my son’s mental capacity, I just realized then that there are things that the parents cannot teach their child, that the field of knowledge seeking is not limited only to the conventional paths. Besides his grades, we have come to notice as well that he has finally learned to mingle with others. He is no longer a socially awkward person which makes him very happy. The sight of him being happy brings tears to both me and my wife’s eyes. We truly appreciate your passion in the field of teaching. Enjoy the teacher’s day.


  • We, the parents of (name of the child), would like to express our heartfelt gratitude in this coming teacher’s day through this letter. Our daughter has been so enthusiastic lately about studying and I can only assume that the adviser, you, have inspired her to learn so much about her loaded courses. Seeing her like this makes me think that she will have a bright future ahead which is also the dream of every parents. Yet I do think that teachers also want to see how successful their students will be in the future and hope beyond hope that they’ll never give up in times of hardship. I have always believed that my daughter will really make it big in life, well you are one of the persons who has helped my child in the pursuit of her dreams and we owe you a thousand gratitude for that. God alone knows how grateful we are to you. You are an exemplary teacher and we hope you continue to shape gracefully the lives of many children.


  • I never thought that enrolling my child in that school of yours would be a good idea. I’m not even sorry for the latter, but my experience in the schools I attended before did not me do any good. However, the experience of my daughter in it seems to be very pleasant and when asked about how she’s doing at school and I get the reply I used to tell my mom how great everyone was and all that stuff, although the tone of how she stated this line is filled with sheer excitement. I was really happy to hear this from her, just by thinking easy her life is now and she doesn’t even feel the scholastic pressure for she always considers them as challenges she can easily conquer. A parent can only imagine how her life would turn out in the coming years. I want to tell you how much your existence means a lot to me and my daughter for you have shown me how that there are still teachers out there who are passionate in their field, and, too, you have molded her into become the best version of herself by imparting your wisdom in innovative ways. Have a happy teacher’s day, you deserve it.


  • This teacher’s day I want to express my gratitude as a parent of one of your students for helping him in his scholastic activities. I do feel how frustrating your work can be considering that you are teaching children in their developmental stage. We highly admire the greatness of your tasks for you are one of the few teachers who are considered effective in teaching. Your patience never runs thin to your students which I really think is unheard of because even us parents who have one to four children find it very hard already to discipline the other when a child demands for something we cannot give at the moment. You have no idea how happy we are to entrust a part of the future of our child/ren’s future to you. We can only hope that you will continue to do these good deeds and that other teachers would learn from you. Have a happy teacher’s day.


  • Hello, (name of the teacher), I know that you have not personally met my son and daughter for you only teach them via online. In our country we are  currently celebrating teacher’s day and, although you are very far away from our country, I would like to tell you how happy we are to have you as one of my son and daughter’s English teacher. Seeing them so excited about opening their laptops and opening the books designated for the course you are teaching makes me really proud that my children are so passionate in being taught by one of the world’s greatest teacher. You truly are the best when it comes to teaching them about various topics that you come across with. I wish that my kids are not giving you a very hard time, especially on the days where laziness and boredom strikes them. I want you to know how my kids like you so much and that after your class they share to me what you guys have discussed and all the things that they have learned. The latter only shows how dedicated they are in their studies. Thank you so much and have a happy teacher’s day. We love you.


  • Good day, (name of  teacher), I am fully aware of how big the task is of entrusting my son’s future to you for he is having a hard time in his studies, and perhaps he has lost the will to continue to study. I know that he is not a very good student and this is very apparent in his report cards. I still would like to thank you so much for taking care of him and being there when nobody else was. He told me about your talks when he was in the brink of committing an unforgivable act of taking away his own life. He told me that you were the only one who noticed it. The talks you had with him were very therapeutic as per my son and I don’t know how much I owe you for that. You see I love him so much and I am trying my best to help him with it but the progress is only so little. At least there is progress. When he met you his spirit actually soared high and promised not to harm himself, instead he will tread the road of happiness. He will be studying hard to compensate his low grades as a way of saying thanks to you. I want you to know how lucky I am to have a son’s teacher who not only teaches a child as what is written in a lesson plan but, too, teaches the beauty in living. I thank you so much, and you have a wonderful teacher’s day.


  • Come to think of it, my child is enjoying school. Way back high school I can only remember the feelings of  dread in waking up early in the morning and bathe in the shower for so long imagine the unpleasant things that are going to happen in school. I just absolutely hate schooling but my mom and dad convinced me how education is vital to a person for him to survive in the harshness of life– well, I have to agree with that. The first time I saw my kid so gay about his studies, I rolled my eyes at the thought of puppy love and how they will endure every challenges, or how the world seems so against them but their love is so true that no force on earth dares break it, yet breaks up after being together for three months. To my curiosity I asked my child what made him so thrilled about school and he answered the teacher. Not really the answer I was expecting, or the answer I least expected to come out from that mouth. It gave me hope that the teachers have evolved from the ruthless conventional ways of teaching which isolates an individual which was my experience. I truly appreciate you, (name of the teacher), for teaching my child in a way that he finds the school very pleasant. I hope you are extremely happy how my child adores you so much and that he studies very hard so that you will be pleased as he answers all the questions you raise. Thank you so much for doing justice in your profession and for making me a happy parent. Enjoy the teacher’s day.


  • Good morning, (name of the teacher), my child informed me that today is national teacher’s day so I am sending you this letter to inform you how lucky I am to have you as my son’s tutor. In our family we are expected to be brilliant in all sorts of things. I suppose you can sense the pressure in this house is for that matter. All eyes are on my child since I am the most brilliant in our family and everyone regards me and my son so highly. Before we hired you as our tutor the grades of my son were great but not great enough. I am doing this for his future to become brighter than mine, because seeing your child become better than yourself makes a parent extremely happy. When we hired you my son started getting higher grades and I am really thankful for what you have done. I asked my son how his sessions are with you and he tells me that your ways of teaching are better than most teachers’ in the university he is enrolled in. He even boasts how lucky he is that I found you for he finds studying not boring at all. The world can only hope that all the teachers in the world posses the brilliance of your mind. Thank you so much for everything and may you have a happy teacher’s day.


  • Good day, (name of the teacher), thank you so much for helping my child become better of himself by teaching him properly. I even boasts your name to my friends because you are the reason why my child is doing extremely good in his studies, and this is one of the many reasons behind the happiness of parents. We consider ourselves very lucky knowing that you play a part in m son’s life. I want you to know that we are really thankful for all the things that you have done. Your virtuous teachings manifest in the actions of my son, and we are super glad about it. Thank you so much for these, and you have an amazing teacher’s day.

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