Apology Text Messages for Him

Apology text messages for him are those messages that are sent by a women/girl to her partner to apologize for a mistake or an act. Mistakes are an integral part of our everyday life. We make mistakes and no sooner than we realize the mistake on our part we are taught to apologize, to put the people at the receiving end at ease and making them understand that we understand.

We do not lose our dignity or our self-respect with the act of apologizing. In fact, if anything we gain others’ admiration and trust. We should never feel ashamed of saying ‘I am sorry’. Such moments of self-realizations are something to be rather proud of. Here are some great ways of accepting and humbling yourself to let the other person know that you actually wrong.

Sample Apology Text Messages for Him

  • I could not stand that look in your eyes when I hurt you which was such a contrast to when you first saw me. I still remember the time when we first met, our first dance, how you looked into my eyes and talked about my smile and how you have done that ever since. I just wanted to tell you my love that I am sorry and life is meaningless without you. Please forgive me.
  • It is not just another storm raging outside tonight. It is reflecting my heart which is in pain for the hurt I have caused you. My love I never meant to do what I did. If you can please do forgive me.
  • There is an old saying ‘The path of true love never does run smooth!’ I suppose whoever coined this phrase was referring to times like this. A time when lovers fight. It is the sweetest thing or so I thought until now, because now I know it is not as sweet as I had presumed. I never should have done what I did to begin with because it is not worth the pain that I caused you. I love you and I am sorry.
  • It is my undying love for you that perhaps made me think that nothing I do would ever hurt you. Well, I was wrong, for I know now that my deeds were most unexpected and unacceptable especially to you because of your love for me. I promise never ever to hurt you again, for it hurts me too. I am sorry.
  • Being able to love you is the most blessed thing that ever happened to me. Being away from you is the greatest punishment. I can no longer bear this separation and I know I was wrong. I am sorry my love, let us be back in each other’s warm embraces.

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