Friendship Romantic Text Messages

Friendship romantic text messages are those kinds of messages which a person writes to his/her friend to express a romantic thought or feeling. These messages are often exchanged between partners or lovers who consider themselves to be friends as well. The tone of these messages must be romantic and they should not be too lengthy as they are sent by the means of SMS or instant messaging platforms. A few samples of friendship romantic text messages are given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Friendship Romantic Text Messages:

  • Dear John, I feel like we were destined to be together.  First we became friends, then we went on to become lovers and now we are engaged to be married. I have always been in love with you but knowing that you will be my husband is a wonderful feeling.
  • You are not just my beloved life partner but also my friend with whom I can share everything in life. My heart beats when I look at you and my day becomes good when you hug me and tell me how much you love.
  • My love for you started when we became friends in college. From that day onwards, I knew I had found a friend for life but had no clue we would end up together. I love us and I love the way are relationship got shaped over the years.
  • I miss you sweetheart and I miss those lovely moments that we have spent together as friends. I wish we could go back to those times when we used to be little kids, unaware that one day we would be in love.
  • From stealing my chocolates to stealing my heart, this journey with you has been amazing darling. I love you a lot and am blessed to have a friend and lover like you.
  • In you I see a friend who would be there for me forever. In you I see a life partner who would protect me for life. In you I see a romantic soul who cannot live without me. In you I see the truest blessing of god.
  • God made you and me to be together. It was his master plan to make us meet as friends first and then go on to take this big step in life. I love the way our relationship has turned up and how we both ended up together.

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