Funny Relationship Text Messages

Funny relationship text messages are the hilarious messages sent to the dear ones in text form. These are creatively crafted message which convey one’s feelings with a touch of laughter and humour to it. These messages could be sent to anyone like the husband, wife, boss, colleague, friend, siblings, parents or neighbours.

These messages have the essence of relationship but they are conveyed with a lighter note. Create a funny relationship message and bring a smile on the face of the loved ones. Drag out the funniest jokes and take these messages on a word play rampage. Let the receiver go on a fits of giggle reading these funny message.

Sample Funny Relationship Text Messages

  • My love for you needs no proof, my love for you need no shelter or roof. My love for you is priceless and crazy my love for you is bountiful but lazy!

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Confrontations will soon take the place of care, love and affection.  Arguing and fighting will replace all shopping, fine dining and dating. Say farewell to your bachelor’s life and enter this new marriage world which is a second hell!! Congratulations on your engagement.[/notice]

  • Enjoy the wine of marriage which is expensive and classy but sometimes give you no kick. And then you suddenly realize that drinking bear with friends was a better option.
  • We have been the best fighters in the world; we have been the best snatcher of everything. We have been hiding things from each other’s sight and pulling hairs during all our fights. Siblings are meant to do that after all brothers and sisters are created for that.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Marriage could be like digging your own grave, but we do it because everyone else does.  Heartiest congratulations on leaving all the merriments of life to become the full time slave of your wife.[/notice]

  • After I met you, all my late night parties are gone, after I met you no wet towels and dirty shoes all around the place. After I met you, I have an instruction manual ready for everything I do, after I met you no crazier spending and random travelling. But all this is a part of love so I am happy to be a lover!!

[blockquote]The responsibilities of a new relationship, brings loads of tough situations and fill life with challenging hardships. But I am still laughing and giggling, because now nothing can be done, since I already said “yes, I do”.[/blockquote]

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