Funny Things You Can Text Message a Girl

Funny things you can text message a girl include a lot of things. If you are looking for some message ideas keep in mind that they usually sound better when sent as text.

Funny Things You Can Text Message a Girl


One of the lines that you could use goes like this: “Hey! So funny meeting you only now… Are you always so nice to strangers?” This line works in case of girls you meet in the daytime. It is best to send this text at about 10 minutes after you meet the girl.

Text Partner

Although this one of the funny lines you can text to a girl sounds a bit weird: “Are you active textually? Because I am thinking about you becoming my new text partner hahaha”.

Texting Buddy

You can play around with the idea of texting buddies. Think of something like “Hey, it is (your name). I have decided that it is time for me to make you my new text buddy. Congratulations ;)”.


In case you wish to start a conversation with girls’ funny text messages you might start with something like “Do you believe bananas ought to be blue?” This is a good starter because it can lead to a nice conversation.


Another idea that you should try (but that may come out wrong) is to ask her “If I were an animal, what kind of animal you think I would be?” If she’s nice, she may say a cat or something, but she may also say pig.

Play a Game

To make things more dynamic, start like this: “Hey (her name), this is the beginning of a conversation. It’s your turn to tell something and then I say something. It’s a game. Let’s play.


When it comes to funny messages you can text a girl, you can ask her “Which one is your favorite color and why?”. This can be the start of a very nice conversation.

Word of the Day

To be spontaneous, just tell her “Open the dictionary at a random word and just make it the word of this day”. Who knows what word she will pick?

Being Cute

Break the ice with text messages for girl that are funny with something like “You’re cute, I’m cute, so let’s join forces and fight crime!”

Oh my

The people looking for funny things you can text message a girl should consider this. Text her “OH MY GOSH!” She will ask “What?” and then tell her “Nothing, I just wanted to make conversation”.

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