Humor-Filled Text Messages for Best Friend

Humor-filled messages are always best sent to our best friends knowing well enough that the established bond of friendship is fortified by the inside jokes that you both share alone. If you wish to send random hilarious text messages to your best friend in the most serious time then we suggest you to continue reading the article and check out the sample humor-filled text messages you find below.

These sample messages are suggested messages to be sent through sms messages with a careful use of phrases and words so that the joke will not be an epic fail. Since these are only suggested sample messages that you may use without any cost, you may improvise by applying changes in these, but you would have to make sure to deliver that positive vibes in it with the absence of profanity and obscenity. In composing this type of message you may use a sarcastic tone since this is proven effective, especially in this generation.

  • Hello, (name of your friend), let me remind you of how easy my life was before you butted in forcibly leaving me no choice but to acknowledge your ugly facial features. This friendship of ours is really unfair for it seems like I have my house burnt for having you, yet you feel like you have won a lottery for a good three streaks for having me. I still love you, though.


  • I simply can’t imagine how everyone is so against in our friendship. I don’t mean to be gay but I would fight whoever comes along the way and wish our friendship be dissevered, even if the conditions mean a scathe of my reputable name I will do it for I love you so much as my best friend, even if I were to be gay I will do it just for our friendship, but for real I don’t mean to be gay.


  • In every friendship it is common that one is excellent from physical features down to the mental capacities paired with the other who is the exact opposite. Through this text message, let me remind you what a lucky person you are for you are friends with someone like me, physically beautiful and mentally capable, who compensates your ugliness and stupidity. You are most welcome, dearest friend.


  • I want to greet my wretched best friend who is very fortunate in life because she has me a very, very good morning! I hope your day would turn sour for nothing in this world pleases me greatly than seeing the wrinkles on your face from the frustration of my unpredictable pranks. I can’t wait to see your wretched face of yours in school becoming more wretched than ever as you fall from the traps I set up.


  • To my boy best friend, I can’t wait for our routine walk from home to school for this makes me really happy especially if you are not wearing any belts so that it will be easier for me to undress your pants in front of the strangers we pass by everyday. I hope you forget your belt again today so that the strangers will become familiar with the edges and curves of your buttocks.


  • Have you ever questioned yourself what made you worthy enough to deserve me as your friend in life? Well, you don’t really have to question it anymore since I’m stuck with you now and I seem to like it no matter how cumbersome you are to me.

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