Interesting Facts about Text Messages

Interesting facts about text messages can be found in many sources, but only a few people take the time to actually look them up even though they can teach us a lot.

Interesting Facts about Text Messages

People texting

About 72% of phone owners send text messages and the ratio is even higher among the people under the age of 29. In this case 95% of the people are texting.

Amount of messages and the text messaging truth

In the U.S. there are about 4.1 billion messages sent on a daily basis. This means that each person with a mobile phone sends 17 messages a day.


It is no wonder that the police don’t like people texting while driving. People are 23 times more likely to have an accident while texting. Phones cause 1.4 million accidents every year, and 200,000 of them happened while texting.


If you would like to know about interesting text message facts keep in mind that 3 out of 5 teenagers believe that sexting is dangerous. However, one of five does it anyway. On the other hand, 25% of the parents admit to sexting.


It is a known fact that teens send a lot of texts. However, it is surprising to find out that an average teen sends ten texts per hour in the daytime, which means about 3,000 texts in a month.


It is important to know regarding the text message facts that are interesting that in some states it is illegal to text while driving. Texting increases the reaction time to the reaction times of a 70 year old. The reaction time increases even more when reading a text.

160 characters

People can write only 160 characters in a text because it was proven that there is no need to write more. You can write all kinds of characters and symbols among the characters. Even the postcards only hold about 150 characters.


According to some estimates regarding the truth about text messages, text messages generate about $60-70 billion each year for the mobile phone companies.

Messaging and calling

Specialists proved that the more texts people send, the shorter the phone calls become. In 2007 the average length of a phone call has been of 3.13 minutes, but in 2009 this dropped to only 2.03 minutes.

When to text

According to the interesting facts about text messages, some people find it acceptable to text while eating, using the bathroom or having sex. This is something that depends on the age of the users.

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