Joke Text Messages

Jokes are the funny stories or the one liner that are exchanged and shared amongst the people to make them laugh and for some entertainment purposes.

Joke text messages are such type of messages that are sent as the text messages through mobile phone or through any other means to forward jokes to your friends and relatives.

Sample Joke Text Messages

[blockquote]Students of a class were asked to frame rhyming poems with their names. Sam started – “Hey ma’am it’s me Sam, I would one day grow up to be a successful man. I will travel to Japan, If I can, If I can and If I can”.[/blockquote]

  • Today is the anniversary of Titanic. To pay gratitude and for all the lovers, it is a sincere request to put your mobile phones in water. Thanks!
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]A dog and a cat fell in love with each other. Cat’s parents agreed but dog’s parents refused. Dog asked why? Parents said the bride has moustaches![/notice]
  • A boss asks his employee why he wants leaves. The employee answers –“I want to get married sir”. Boss replies – “who is that stupid lady getting married to you?” Employee answers – “your daughter sir”!

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