Motivational Text Messages for Athletes

Athletes are those individuals who need constant encouragement, inspiration and motivation to do well at their sport or profession. Motivational text messages for athletes are thus those messages which a person writes in order to motivate an athlete either before an event or in general.

These messages can be sent by the friends or family of the athlete or by the coach or trainer to infuse motivation and confidence in the person. For your reference, a few samples of motivational text messages for athletes are given below and can be used by anyone.

Sample Motivational Text Messages for Athletes

  • Your 100 m race is just a few days away. Make sure you are training well, practicing well and have the needed confidence on yourself. Do not let a shred of negativity enter your mind and keep your eyes set on winning that race!
  • Right now, your target and goal should only be to win the upcoming long jump event. You have done great so far and have eliminated many of the world champions. Now it is time to cross the final hurdle and get the gold back! Good luck.
  • At this final step of winning the sport, do not feel negative, nervous or discouraged. You are one of the best players of the country and I have full confidence that you will be a world champion. So go make us all proud.
  • On the eve of the big sporting event, I would like to tell you that you are an example for all youngsters and have made the country proud. I am sure you will continue to do so in the future and will win this event as well.
  • Racing may seem easy to some but I know how hard you have worked to improve your racing skills.  So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and concentrate on your goal.
  • Being an athlete is a difficult task. To put in all that hardwork, to remain focused and to be so dedicated in no piece of cake. But you have managed very well so far and I am confident that you will continue making this difficult business seem so easy.
  • The gold medal is yours my friend. You are talented, hardworking and honest and these are the skills that make you different from the other players. I am confident that you will keep the fire inside you burning till you reach your goal.

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