Romantic Relationship Text Messages

Whenever a person is in a romantic relationship, he/she often sends texts messages to his/her beloved.  These text messages must have a romantic tone and should consist of a romantic message of love for the recipient.

A romantic relationship text message is generally sent either through an SMS or through the medium of an instant messaging service. A few samples of romantic relationship text messages are given below and can be used for reference.

Sample Romantic Relationship Text Messages

  • Dear John, my love for you is so pure and so true that I promise never to leave your side ever and be with you on each step of life. Promise you will be there for me too my love.
  • The stars in the sky, the sun behind the clouds and the river flowing on the earth all are proofs of my love for you. I will love you till the end of time and will be by your side, no matter what happens.
  • Every night before sleeping, I get lost in your thoughts and miss you so much. I miss you more than I miss anyone else and believe that I am incomplete without you. So come to me my love and complete me.
  • My soul is thirsty for my love; my mind waits for you and yearns for you every day and night. Without you, I remain sad and when you come in front of me, a smile lights my soul. I love you my love and cannot live without you anymore.
  • Ever since you have left me, I feel like I am incomplete. I feel like my most favorite person has been taken away from me. I miss you in the morning and I miss you when the night falls.  So come back to me so that I can start to live again.
  • You entered my life and made it so colorful, bright and special. You make me smile, you make me laugh. You make my entire world go round. Don’t ever leave me my love as I would die if I ever have to let you go.
  • The day I met you was the most special day of my life. The stars in my life started shining, the rivers started flowing. The sun started shining so brightly and the colors became more colorful. I love you darling.
  • I love you so much that I could do anything you want me to. So come to me and just ask me for whatever you want.

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