Sweet Text Messages

Sweet text messages are the messages that are sent by the sender to a person in a very sweet manner.

These messages might be sent with a specific person, or are the sweet forwarded messages, or are sent to impress or flatter someone.

The messages must be framed in a very polite manner to sweetly greet the reader.

Sample Sweet Text Messages

[blockquote]If I say that you are sweet; will you say yes and agree to meet? You are a dearest friend to me; you have given me such wonderful moments to see.[/blockquote]

  • You are as sweet as a cube of sugar, may you stay this sweet forever. I am so fond of you my dear, I wish we celebrate such wonderful days ever after.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I will always lend my shoulder to you to cry on, I have many beautiful days stored for you that are yet to come. Being with such a sweetest person like you is always a great fun, I am happy that we enjoy being one.[/notice]
  • Do you know why do I miss you? It is because you make me smile. Do you know who do I call you sweet? It is because you look sweet all this while.

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