Sympathy Messages for Loss Of A Child

Whenever a person loses a child , he/she needs not just the support but also the sympathy of others to feel that he/she is not alone in his grief. The best way to express your sympathy for someone who has lost a child is to send them a sympathy message for loss of a child.  These messages must have a sympathetic tone and words which express support.

Such messages can be sent through mediums such as text, emails or other instant messaging platforms. The following are a few of the samples.

Sample Sympathy Messages for Loss Of A Child:

  • Ever since I have heard the terrible news, I have been so sad and depressed. What happened has been extremely unfortunate but remember that I and Tim are there for you always and you are not alone in this grief.
  • Losing someone you love so much and care for more than yourself can be truly heartbreaking. This news has made all of us so sad but you must learn to live again and smile again.
  • It is so saddening to hear about your loss. Henry was a wonderful kid who made everyone smile just be entering a room. May god bless his soul and may you find the strength to live again. God bless you.
  • Life is full of ups and downs and there could be no low than losing your own kid. This news has shocked all of us and we pray to god to give you all the strength. May Greg’s soul be blessed and may he find peace wherever he is.
  • Remember that you may have lost your kid but there are other kids for you to take care of. So find the strength to get over this loss and keep Jack alive in your heart. I sympathize with your loss and can understand what you must be going through.
  • Facing such a loss is a situation where everything seems to be wrong in the world. Losing Pearl to this kind of an accident is very unfortunate and so unfair on parents who loved their kids so much.
  • Losing a baby at such an early age can be totally heartbreaking. I can understand how the loss of someone you love feels like and would like to tell you that I am there for you till the end. May god bless you with strength and peace of mind.

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