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Often times when you are at work, or you are doing your daily chores at home and feeling down and low because of the mundane days that you have been having of late, your phone tinkles and you see that a message has been delivered.

The message is just a string of words that your friend sent you saying that she was thinking of you moments back. To add to it, there is a small picture of two little girls playing in the rain. This is just what you needed to smile. Just as you need a little reminder of how beautiful life is, so do others.

Such messages are not just confined to the jurisdiction of SMS; they can be sent via cards, e-letters or through the social media – Facebook.

You can use Facebook to send such messages to one another and these messages can be those of love, friendship, happiness, remembrance, thoughtfulness and kindness.

You can not only convey your feelings to your loved ones, but you can use bumper stickers on your car, or decorate your work station with such messages.

A variety of bumper stickers and Facebook message images are provided below. You can use them as you want to bring cheer and smile on the face of your near and dear ones.

Love Text Messages for Him:

Love Text Messages for Him

Love Text Messages for Him

Encouraging Text Messages:

Encouraging Text Messages

Cute Text Messages:

Cute Text Messages

Good Morning text Messages:

GoodMorning text Messages

Husband and wife Text Messages:

Husband and wife text messages


Love Text Message:

love message


Text Message:

tex message


Text Images:

text images


Happy Text Messages:

Happy Text Messages


Text Message:

Text message


Text Messages:

text messages





Text Messages:

Text msg

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