Text Message Dating Tips

Text message dating tips can make all the difference in your love life. If you can use them right, you will be able to keep in touch with the person you like the most even when you are miles apart.

Text Message Dating Tips

The First One

It is common for people to send a text right after they get the phone number of the person that they are interested in.

It is best not to answer the text right away, because this will mean that you don’t have other things on your mind and you are just waiting for the text.

An Invitation

In case you would like to invite someone out, you should simply invite him or her out or ask a relevant question. There is no real point in sending a text just to say “Hi”.

The tips for dating and texting tell you to only share relevant information through your texts.

The Language of Texting

Before you start using slangs and abbreviations, make sure that the other person understands them.

Also don’t overuse emoticons because they can make the message look less sincere. Emoticons should only be used if they help understand the message.


When you are on a date, it is best to forget about your phone. This is not the time to use the text message for dating advice.

Put the phone on silent mode and keep it out of sight. If you start texting, your partner might feel like they don’t have your full attention that this may upset them.


Couples shouldn’t discuss important matters through texts because there is room for misunderstanding things.

Also, always assume the best. If your partner doesn’t answer you fast that doesn’t mean that you have reasons to worry. Just give them some space.


Don’t forget that texts aren’t cheap and some people don’t have unlimited text messages.

If the person you are dating tells you that he or she can’t text you, according to the advice for text message dating, you should appreciate their honesty and opt for sending e-mails instead, which are free.

Being Drunk

It is a known fact that drunken people shouldn’t sent texts. You can send a message if it is a nice or happy one, but put your phone away if you are only picking a fight.

Frequency of Texting and Dating Ideas for Text Messages

The number of texts that you should send depends on your partner’s preferences and your preferences.

It is possible that they don’t want you to send a text every five seconds, but it is also possible that they will appreciate it.

Be Confident

If you really like the person you are dating, you could send a text message in which you assume that he or she is thinking about you.

This might seem a bit cocky, but you can be sure it will work.

The Favorite Part

You can remind your partner how much fun you had on your date if you share with them your favorite moment of the night.


You could tease your partner as well as part of text message dating tips.

Say something like “If only you were here…” Messages like this make the imagination of people work and you can be sure that your partner will reply soon.

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