Thank You Text Messages for Friend

A thank you text message for friend is a head that includes all the messages which are written by one individual to thank one of his/ her friends. Any individual, who wants to thank a friend for something they have done for them or for standing by them, will have to frame such a message and text it to the respective friend.

These messages are to be framed with an obligatory touch and must clearly convey the gratefulness of the sender to the receiver. A few samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Thank You Text Messages for Friend

  • Dear friend, I am so, so lucky to have you as a supporting anchor in all the ups and downs of my life. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me and made me feel secure. Thank you.
  • There have been insane times when I was going crazy with worry and the last few days have been an example how crazy me and my life can be. But you were there no matter what struck and I thank you for all of it. You are the best.
  • Hey Adam, this is to thank you for all the help on the History project. I swear I was almost about to flunk if you hadn’t included me in you project. Thanks a lot buddy.
  • Dude, it so much easier managing all the arrangement for the debate competition with your help. Thanks a lot man, see you at the felicitation ceremony tomorrow.
  • Well everybody knows breakups are difficult, but I guess it’s not said as much as it should be- they are even more difficult when your friends aren’t around you. Thank you for being there and making mine easier on me.
  • Thanks a lot for making all the arrangements for my surprise birthday party and for making it so special. I know it must have taken a lot of effort and time, especially hiding it for me. But only you could make it happen. Hats off to you and thanks a lot for the party.
  • Jenna, thank you so much for getting me all the notes and making sure I don’t miss out on the studies because of my ill health. You are the best Jens, thanks again.
  • Hey man, I wanted to thank you for taking my mother to the doctor when I wasn’t around. You are a saviour man, thanks.

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