Unsolicited Text Messages

Text messages are dropped and delivered to people at anytime of the day, with or without any particular reason or purpose.

Unsolicited text messages are the spontaneous messages that a sender sends to a person without any pre-defined reason.

These messages are the voluntary messages that are uncalled for. The reader is not aware that a sender is going to send a message to him or her.

Sample Unsolicited Text Messages

[blockquote]I know you are strictly against these unwanted and spontaneous messages. Sending you such messages is my mode of enjoyment. Please greet my messages with an excitement.[/blockquote]

  • As I was passing my way, I remembered you and all the fun that we had during the day. I was reminded of the time when we were together; I will disturb you with such messages forever.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Since you thought that I will never text you, this message is to surprise you. I know you may not solicit a message from me; this would have been a beautiful message from me to you to cherish and see.[/notice]
  • A spontaneous message reaches your way; it has just reached to say you “Hey”. Hope you have a wonderful day, good wishes and blessings to you on your way.

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