Wedding Invitation Text Messages

A wedding invitation text message is a message sent in order to invite someone to his wedding or to the wedding of a friend or a relative.

The details usually mentioned in the message include the name of the person getting married, the date of the wedding and if the relative of the groom or bride is sending the invitation then the relation of the sender with the person getting married , details of venue and other.

These types of messages have a very courteous tone so as to invite the recipient with love and respect. Some sample of these messages is given below.

 Sample Wedding Invitation Text Messages

[blockquote]Please celebrate with the Anderson family, the marriage of the youngest member of our family that is my daughter Julie. We require your presence in order to make it a successful beginning of a new journey for the bride and the groom.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Please join us for a celebration of fun and laughter and also to bless us for the beginning of a new journey called marriage. We are looking forward to your presence on that auspicious day.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]It will be a privilege if you are present on our wedding day and bless us from the deepest core of your heart. I would like to invite you for my wedding on 4th of March 2013.[/blockquote]

  • I would like to invite you on the auspicious occasion of the wedding of my son. Please be there to bless the couple.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I am getting married on the 10th of this month and would request your presence in order to wish me for happy married life.[/notice]
  • We, John Swift the groom and Nancy Myers the bride request the honor of your presence on 6th of June 2011 at Paris Marriage Hall on the occasion of our wedding.
  • I would like to inform you that my brother James Watt is getting married on 7th of May at 56 Yankee Doodle Street, New York, New Jersey 5678. I request you to honor the couple with your presence. The wedding program begins at nine A.M.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I request you to come and bless me on the auspicious occasion of m y wedding with Jane Austen on 23rd of this month.[/notice]
  • I want to give you the good news that I am getting married on 10th of May and would like to invite you for the wedding.

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