Thinking of You Text Messages for Her

Thinking of you messages can be sent to anyone be it your friends, family members or the relatives.

Thinking of you text messages for her are the text messages that are particularly sent to a female reader to let her know that she is being missed.

A sender sends these messages to a girl when he or she is thinking about the counterpart.

Sample Thinking of You Text Messages for Her

[blockquote]Dearest wife, ever since you have gone out of town, I am thinking about you dearly. My moments pass just thinking about you. I am messaging to let you know that I love you and please come back soon.[/blockquote]

  • You mean my world to me darling. I am thinking about you all day and night. At this point of time, I hope you sleep well and tight. Good night!
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You are a dearest angel to me. Your thoughts have surrounded me. I am thinking of you all the while, I am missing your gorgeous smile.[/notice]
  • I want you to come back in my life. I always saw you as my future wife. Just a message to say that I am thinking of you all the while.

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