Funny Thinking of You Text Messages

Thinking of you text messages can be sent and framed in many types. Funny thinking of you text messages are the funny text messages that are sent by a sender to a person of whom he is thinking of.

These messages are the humorous messages that are sent to a person who is being missed or remembered.

Sample Funny Thinking of You Text Messages

  • Do you know I just saw a monkey passing by and thought its you! Then realized its not you and now I am missing and thinking of you!
  • Thinking of you is truly very funny as it brings back all the funniest things we did. I miss you tremendously!
  • I think of you when whenever I see any beautiful girl around as I see you in them. Just kidding baby. Miss you a lot and thinking of you every moment!
  • The funny times spent in college makes me think of you every now and then. Those times will surely last a lifetime. Thinking of you and missing you!
  • Whenever I am depressed I think of you. When I think of your funny face, I can’t stop myself from laughing. Thinking of you every minute!
  • Laughter keeps one healthy. This is the reason I keep thinking of you so that I don’t stop laughing. At least by this, I can stay healthy. Just kidding buddy. You are my best friend and I keep thinking of you!
  • My dear love it seems thinking of you and missing you has become my habit! Please come back and give me relief from this habit.

[blockquote]You would have no idea and no clue how much I think about you. It is really good that you have no clue because I hardly think about you. Just kidding, I really love you.[/blockquote]

  • Thinking of you is what I do every day. It passes my day in a funnier way. Just a message to say that I think about you all the day.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Thinking of you is always funny. It is because thinking of you all the while brings back my lost smile. You know that I love you dearly and with you I am always so happy.[/notice]
  • Cuddles and kisses are the things that I miss the most from you. This is the reason why I always think about you. I promise that we will never be apart; to me you are my sweetheart.

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