Thinking of you Facebook Images/Bumpers Stickers, Messages

In life we come across various people and some of them touch our hearts. The intriguing thing is that we are reminded of these people by small things.

A song may remind you of a night out with your close friends, the cotton candy in a kid’s hand might bring memories of the lovely times with your beloved, or you may even reminisce the time you had with your family by seeing a birthday party at the next table.

Convey your thoughts when you think fondly of someone. Sending a card or a bouquet, or parceling a box of chocolates are time consuming. Seize the moment and do it now by texting, e-mailing or sending a “Thinking-of-You” Facebook message.

It is one of the most efficient way. This way, not only will the person know about your thoughts, but others will know too. These Facebook messages are short strings of texts that can also be sent along with an impressive image.

You can also paste bumper stickers on cars to express your thoughts innovatively. Use them as labels, or stickers that show how you feel. You can use these stickers not only on your vehicle, but also at your work station.

You will find several Thinking-of-You Facebook messages and bumper stickers below. Tell them that you remember them dearly!

Thinking of You Card Messages:

Thinking of you card messages

Thinking of you card messages

Thinking of you card messages

Thinking of you card messages

I am Thinking for u:

I am thinking for u

Love Me:

love me

Love U:

love u

Thinking Of U:


Thinking About U:

thinkabout u

Thinking About U:


Thinking Image:


Thinking About U:

thinking about u

Thinking about you:

Thinking about you

Thinking of U:

Thinking of u

Thinking of U:

thinking of u

Thinking of you:

Thinking of uu

Thinking Of You:

thinking u

Thinking of you:

Thinking of you

Thinking of you:

Thinking of youu

I Think About You:

I Think about u

Thinking for u:

Thinking for u

Thinking for you Image:

Thinking for you Image

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