Thinking of you Funny Messages

Humor is probably the best ingredient to create the strongest of bonds between two people. They could be your long lost friends or someone you hit it off with quite recently.

A funny ‘thinking of you’ message would remind them of all funny yet memorable moments you have spent together.

Depending on the message or your relationship with person it will either bring an uninhibited laughter or a chuckle on his/her face, but one thing is for sure her/his mood is about to lighten up.

Sample Thinking of you Funny Messages:

[blockquote]Damn it!! How do I forget you? Because, I keep thinking of your face every time the mirror cracks; keep thinking your voice every time a donkey brays; Keep thinking of your balding head every time I look at an egg shell; Keep thinking of your bad tummy when someone farts ….!!!![/blockquote]

[blockquote]Economists believe in the law of ‘Diminishing Marginal Utility’ which states that MORE you have of the same the LESS you want of it…… But in my case you are an exception because the MORE I think of you the MORE I want to be with you.[/blockquote]

  • If someone collected a drop of water every time I thought of you, there would have been flood in Sahara.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I’m bored with thinking of ‘U’ all the time….think it’s time to move to newer alphabet ‘V’ or ‘W’. What say?! J[/notice]
  • I think of you every time I’m in a restaurant alone…. Especially when the bill arrives, wishing you were there to pay it for me.


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