Thinking of You Messages Examples

Thinking of you messages examples are the well detailed and perfectly laid down examples of thinking of you messages. These examples are effective is explaining how a good thinking of you message must be drafted.

These messages are sent to convey to the receiver that the sender is thinking about him/her or is missing him/her. Given below are a few samples of thinking of you messages examples which can be used for reference by any person.

Sample Thinking of You Messages Examples:

[blockquote]Ever since we have parted ways, my mind cannot focus on anything but you. I want to tell you that I am missing you and thinking about you all the time.[/blockquote]

  • From morning to afternoon, from afternoon to night, I am thinking about you and our love. May god bring us together soon.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Life seems incomplete without your presence. But I have your sweet memories to give me company. I think about you all the time.[/notice]
  • I am not lonely, I have your thoughts with me. Your smile flashes in my mind and it makes my day wonderful.
  • Your thoughts are so intoxicating that I get lost in your memories even in broad day time.

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