Thinking of You Messages for Death

Thinking of you messages for death are the messages which are written in the case where the receiver has lost a loved one.

These messages are used to express grief and sorrow on the death and are written by people to tell the receivers that they are thinking of them.

Such messages must have a sincere tone attached with them and should be kept brief.

Given below are a few samples of thinking of you messages for death for your reference.

Sample Thinking of You Messages for Death:

[blockquote]It was so sad to hear about the demise of your uncle. Remember that I am here for you and have been thinking about you ever since I hear the news.[/blockquote]

  • Death is an inevitable truth and it is best to move on in life. I have you in my thoughts all the time and pray to god to give you peace of mind.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]My thoughts are clouded with your memories and I miss you in this time of grief. May you get over this phase as soon as possible.[/notice]
  • It was really upsetting to hear about your friend’s death. I cannot help but think about your friendship and the way you both gelled so well together.

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