Thinking of You Messages for Friends

Thinking of you messages are the type of message which lets a reader know that you are thinking about him or her. This message is one way of letting them brighten up, especially if it happens that his or her plans for the day are not going as he or she would want them to happen. If you want to randomly express how you miss your friends then sending a thinking of you message will surely brighten up their day by letting them know that someone out there cares and acknowledges their existence.

This article  offers sample thinking of you messages which you can use any time without any cost. You need only choose any of the thinking messages you find below which best represents yourself sincerely sending a random thinking of you message to one of your closest friends. Rephrasing and rewording are actions we recommend for your personality to reflect in the message and that they won’t think you looked them up in the cyber world. There should be an action which should be taken into consideration if the latter is done and this is to carefully set the right tone. The tone should be filled with affection, sincerity, care, and a little humor.This type of message can be sent via sms text message or be privately messaged in the social media sites that you are both connected.

  • I am really having an unpleasant day today for a workload of stress just hit me out of nowhere and all I could think about are the good times that we both spent during our late teenage days living the teenage dreams. This made my day become manageable and makes me look forward for those days to happen. I hope you are doing good with your life today and may you  conquer all the troubles for today and tomorrow. Tell me if you need anything from me or if you’re not doing alright so that I may help you with whatever I can. Love, best friend.


  • Hello, friend, I hope you’re doing alright because I have been thinking lately about you and quite miss you and the night outs we spent together last year. I suppose your job in the other side of the world has turned you into a zombie infected by the malignancy of stress. please take good care of yourself so that when we’ll see each other when you get back here in our home town you’ll have all the energy you need in our next adventures. I so look forward into meeting you again.


  • I had a dream last night about you which has completely troubled me by not letting me not focus on the tasks that our teacher has assigned me from missing you badly. I think about you most of the time now. Some of my friends now call me crazy because I grin almost every hour of the day at the thought of you acting prim and proper now that you are living again with your parents for being jobless. May you get the job you want as soon as possible so that we can hang out once more. God I miss you.


  • Good morning, friend! I have been thinking about you lately that you made me want to make plans over the weekend for us to be not be stricken with boredom from this boring life that we lead. I hope everything is really well and if there is something that is troubling you then please do not be afraid to share it with me, especially if it’s a boy problem so I will know whose balls will I be breaking if this random dude is breaking your heart. See you on Saturday morning my friend.


  • Who knew that in time of my darkest hours you are the one that enters my head that makes me break into an almost unending laughter? I couldn’t be more thankful enough with your existence and I think I owe you a treat for doing nothing at all. I hope you are not busy tonight so that we can hang out and like good old buddies do. Don’t worry about the expenses because you always have your excuses about saving something from your future when you have invested everything on your girlfriend and other side chicks if you have. Kidding! but, yeah, everything would be on me. I just need a buddy whom I can talk with my issues in a confident manner.


  • Mondays are the most awful and I have a feeling that I’m not going to do something good today until the end of the week because my mind is greatly troubled with a petty issue. I hope you’re doing just fine and serve your purpose on my life for I really need a good friend to talk to tonight. Do me a favor and please be present at my house. I’ll cook you your favorite dish for dinner so be sure not to miss this appointment, your presence is urgent for this insignificant matter.


  • I think you already know that you are a disappointment in my life which I choose to keep because of reasons that I am completely oblivious about. Anyway, let me tell you what an awful day it was for me for I received a lot of negative comments from the projects I presented to my boss. I really thought that I was going to impress them for I was very careful about closing the loops ineffectiveness of my projects, yet everything turned sour and they refuse to listen to my explanations. I’m really sorry that I’m telling you this, I just think of you when stuff like this ever happens to me because you always listen even if you’re a disappointment yourself. Anyway, you have a good one.


  • Hello, friend, I am troubled with something which I think needs a smart conversation as treatment, and you are the only smart person that I can think of in my social circle. Tell me if you’re available this lunch time so that I can reserve a table for two in a restaurant near your office. Well, to tell you the truth I am not really troubled over anything I just miss you and want to see you because I have to make sure that you are doing great with whatever it is that you are doing. Do me no disappointments by making yourself available by twelve noon.


  • If I get a dollar every time I think of you, I would probably be richer than Mark Zuckerberg by now. Not only are you present in my daily thoughts, dearest friend, but you are also haunting me in my dreams. I don’t think this is an obsession at all, rather I take this as sheer longing of your presence. I miss you a lot and all the stuff that we used to do together. This longing would never end, I suppose, if you don’t attend my dire needs of being here with me tonight. Please make yourself available and come to my apartment tonight.


  • Thinking of you has become habitual that I just think of you naturally when I should be thinking about my bright future. Now that you are studying abroad, I miss you and I can only hope that you will take care of yourself because I am no longer always present on your side to remind you about your daily routine which should not be considered as a routine at all for your activities are dependent to your mood. I keep thinking that you will have a better life there even if I am not present there to witness your growth as a person. I’ll catch up on you once we get old ad make sure you’ll be proud of my growth as a person as well. God bless you.


  • Times have flown so fast and I think I’m drunk enough that I barely recall the moments of my past, as if they were shut unconsciously in the box of void. Although I have forgotten a lot of things, there are memories of you and I which I choose to preserve for these are days where I have experienced happiness in its most absolute. I am not sorry for sending you this message for I think of you most of the time because I suddenly want to relieve those moments that you and I were still young and knew too little of the distress that this world force sells to everyone. If you are doing well in your life then just imagine me being happy for you, and if otherwise imagine my urge of wanting to be with you just to ease the pain in your heart. Live a good life so we’ll meet again in the near future.


  • The hours have been a dragged for today which made exhausted my mind to its very fibers. I don’t mean to cheese you out but when I thought of you all of this exhaustion suddenly evaporated as if you were my talisman during stressful hours. I always knew that making you as a friend would bring me joy by saving me in times of great distress. Now that I’ telling you this I can’t help it but miss you and the cuteness that your stupid action brings. Please take care of yourself and keep safe always.

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