Thinking of You Messages to Fill the Distance

When someone who is very familiar to our hearts are faraway, we have this tendency to be bombarded with thoughts of them. Let that person know that he or she is present in your thoughts despite that arduous mundane activities that you are working on. Sending a thinking of you message can really build their performance or may lighten their close to being defeated characters, especially if they’re handling a task that which achievement is close to being impossible.

This article provides sample messages to help you with writing heartfelt thinking of you messages. One of the many purpose of this type of message is to let them know that someone is thinking about the receiver when he or she thinks that the world doesn’t care about his existence and must never be acknowledged. You can write these messages through a card, or send them via text messaging or in the various social media sites.

  • My heart longs for the presence of my dear lover, it is torn between missing you in the other side of the bed and happy for you are close to achieving for the future you have envisioned for our young family. I can’t help my self from overthinking about you. I hope you’re eating every meal time and taking your vitamins. Whatever circumstances that you are in right now, always know that I have you back.
  • My son, your mother and I have been deep in worry since you relocated in another country. We hope you’re happy with your decisions and are doing you’re best for your career. We have truly admired your sacrifices for this family of ours that you never hesitated to work in another country. Always remember, no distance is to long for love to be dissevered.
  • You know you’re missing the person badly when missing the person has become a wont affecting important activities on a daily basis. This message is to let you know that I miss you, and have missed you more in the process of missing you. I know it sounds crazy but I just can’t control the spontaneity of my emotions. Please reply as soon as you get this message so I know you’re doing well on the other side of the world.
  • Hey, buddy, it has been years now since we had reached out with everyone. If you decide to visit our hometown in our childhood days, please announce the date of your arrival so that we can throw a celebration for you. You are never forgotten and are everyday missed by us.
  • Thinking of you has made me survive tasks I thought were possible cause of suicides. My heart remains happy thinking that each day is a day closer of meeting you again.
  • Time has the ability to make important matters and persons┬áblur as a second ticks from a clock. I have always wondered that if the latter was true how could I not spend a second without missing you. You are always and will be forever in my thoughts no matter the distance.

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