Thinking of You Messages

Whenever in life we miss a person or tend to think of someone, it is important to let them know. In such a case, thinking of you message is the appropriate method to convey your feelings and express your emotions. Such messages let the other person be aware of your feelings and make them feel important.

There is no particular format that is to be followed in order to write a thinking of you message. You can be free to write any kind of language in such a message, but it is always advisable to be polite.

Thinking of you messages can be sent to anyone, based upon which the following categories are formed:

  • Thinking of you message to husband/wife
  • Thinking of you message to friend
  • Thinking of you message to a family member


The following tips and suggestions might help to write a good message:

  • Be open about what you miss about the person.
  • It might be a good idea to write about an incidence or incidences that you particularly think about in relation to the recipient.
  • Any heartfelt message has to be written by you in good words.
  • There is no limit to which such a message can take length, but it is advisable to be brief yet expressive.

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