Advance Birthday Messages for Sister

Advance birthday messages for sister are those messages that are sent by a person to his or her sister with love, best wishes and fun filled notes. Siblings form a very important part of our lives; just like friends they are also our confidante and best of companions; thus their birthday wishes when coming in advance are surely a thing to cherish. The words should be selected with care and immense love for the sister on her special day. The tone of such messages will usually be in the form of best wishes or blessings to a sister. Here are best samples for your sister on her birthday –

Sample Advance Birthday Messages for Sister

  • Sister is a special friend in life with whom sharing all joys and sorrows gets easy. And that special friend for me is you. On your birthday, I wish all the happiness is yours and wish you live long life. Even though I will not be able to attend your birthday celebrations, my best wishes are always with you. Wish you happy birthday in advance!
  • Birthdays are the best time of the year. This year I wish your happiness doubles with the celebration and the joy continues throughout the year. You have always been a wonderful sister and I hope happiness is yours every moment of life. Wish you a wonderful birthday celebrations in advance!
  • Your birthday makes me feel special as I can see the shining smile on your face. Your happiness is all I wish and that makes me extremely happy. Hope you lead a happy life throughout my dear sister. Wish you a very happy birthday in advance!
  • I still remember you as my sweet little sister and I can’t believe my little sister has grown now. No matter what comes way, my sister will always be my beloved! On your birthday tomorrow I wish all the pleasures of life comes your way and you never get disappointed. I wish you the best birthday celebrations ever sister. Wish you a very happy birthday in advance! Cheers!
  • Birthdays are the best moment and as and how you celebrate your birthday every year, I would want your happiness to increase year after year. You have always been a special sister to me and I would want your life to be filled with happiness always. Always be happy and glowing my sweet sister. Wish you a great birthday in advance!
  • I know you are waiting for the birthday celebrations. Even though I will not be able to attend it tomorrow, I wish the happiness is always yours and enjoy the day every moment. Wish you a happy birthday in advance!

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