Congratulations Messages for Rewards

Congratulations message for rewards is usually seen in the business district in which they give complementary messages in their customers for having an enough merit or victor over a raffle or promo. The company gives their sense of gratitude by giving their customers with a reward and heartwarming notes about their support and utilizing their product or service, it will make their consumers to support it more and endorse it to others as it is also a business strategy in advertising their company.


It can also be seen as small letter to achievers like in home or school to encourage the children to do their best and do things right so they will gain more rewards thereafter. Here is a sample:

  • Congratulation our dear customer, today you deserve to have this reward after you finished and achieve our requirements for membership reward, you are the chosen one despite all of the patience and efforts you invested to us, the company sees you as worthy to have this rewards.
  • Few members of this company like you will have this prize; we hope this merit can be spread to your loved ones so they can be our life time partners too.
  • You have been loyal to our company for several years and we are still looking forward to have you as lifetime member, congratulation for having these rewards.
  • We applaud you our lucky client; you as our customer are the claimant of these exciting rewards, may you enjoy these prizes and share it to others!
  • Your faithfulness into us makes us assure that we are giving the right service and better output to our customers; here are the awards that we prepared for you.
  • Despite all of the many candidates that give their best, only few are chosen to receive these awards, and you are the chosen one to have this.
  • You have strived hard and struggle in all of your labor, you always give your best and never give a flaw in all of your work, and this is the time to harvest those fruits that you planted.
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity will come into your life, don’t ever lose it because in the end, all of the hardships will come a reward in the end.
  • On all of the people that tried, you did all the labor of love and patience, as not all are worthy to receive this trophy, but you deserve this reward as you come out as winner to all of them.

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