Funny birthday quotes for sister

Birthday quotes are sent and exchanged between friends and family members. Funny birthday quotes for sister are the humorous quotes that are sent to a sister on her birthday to wish her on her special day.  These quotes that are framed using sweet and funny words will surely make your sister’s birthday a special one by bringing a smile on her face. The quotes can be sent using letters, greeting cards, SMS and other means. Some samples are given below for reference.

Sample Funny Birthday Quotes for Sister

  • Dearest sister, the day you were born, GOD cracked the funniest joke of this world. Since it is your birthday today, let us celebrate this day and entertain Him. Just kidding, wish you all the happiness of the world. On your birthday, you deserve to be called as an angel. Happy Birthday.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Sister, since fighting is your favourite hobby, I would suggest you to fight for your age on this birthday. Just kidding, I wanted to see your smiling face. Happy Birthday to the world’s best sister, may your day be filled with happiness and cheer. GOD bless you.[/notice]

  • Dearest sister, 15 years back when you were born, I used to teach you how to talk and how to walk. Now since it is your 15th birthday, you have become so naughty that I have to teach you to sit down and shut up. Just kidding, I wanted to cheer you up. Wish you a cheerful day, May you stay happy and blessed always. Happy Birthday.
  • People who celebrate their 18th birthday are generally considered to be grown-ups. Sister, in your case, I would advise you to speak less and kindly shut up. Just kidding, you are my favourite sister. It is your birthday and I wanted to wish you with a great cheer. Happy Birthday!
  • Dearest sister, when you were a little young, you were big minded and had small waist. Now when you are marking your birthdays, it is contrary. Just kidding, I am waiting to celebrate you birthday by getting crazy. Happy Birthday to you dearest sister, may you make it a day to remember forever.

[blockquote]Sister, since you are so conscious for your diet, you cannot have a piece of your birthday cake. I therefore advice you to hold two pieces in both the hands so that it would be called a balanced diet. Happy Birthday sister.[/blockquote]

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