Funny Valentine Day Quotes

Valentine’s Day is a day when people all around the world celebrate the emotion of love and togetherness. On this day, many people make love proposals to their special someone with red roses, gifts, rings and love messages.  Funny valentine day quotes are those types of quotes or messages which are exchanged between people on the Valentine Day and are funny or humorous. These messages have a light tone and will surely bring a smile on the face of your special one. Given below are some of the examples of Funny Valentine Day quotes which can be used for reference purpose by anyone.

Sample Funny Valentine Day Quotes:

  • Funny is love, funny is my wife

Funny is the game of life.

No one wins here but only husbands lose,

Infact they are often beaten up with shoes.

So on the Valentine’s Day my love,

I wish to wish you and say I love you.

  • This is the day when people celebrate love ,

But to me this is a day of unnecessary PDA and expenditures.

Happy ‘spending a lot’ day to everyone in love.

  • Here’s wishing everyone a very happy valentine’s day.

May you all get many love proposals and fall for the one who is the most unsuited for you, just like me.

  • Valentine’s day is a really hard day for married men,

They don’t get any proposals and they don’t get to make any proposals too.

So here’s to all my married male friends. Have a nice day and hope you too join me to get over this hard reality of life.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Valentine’s Day reminds me of the biggest mistake that I made 4 years ago by proposing my wife. Ever since that day, I have had to face my miseries and stick with her. Guys don’t repeat my mistake and enjoy life.[/notice]

  • Valentine’s Day is the day when many guys get emotional and end up falling for the wrong girls. I hope lesser number of guys make this mistake on this day. Good luck everyone.
  • Spending on flowers, spending on gifts, spending of ring, spending on food. This is what is Valentine’s Day according to me-a total waste of necessary money.  But to all those in love, I wish a very happy valentine’s day nevertheless.

[blockquote]God bless everyone who is in love as Valentine’s Day can surely put you into the prison of commitment forever. May God help you and save you from this.[/blockquote]

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