I Like You Messages for All Time Crush

Crushing over someone who is so out of your league inspires you do great in producing quality work of whatever work it is you are working on may it be a company project or a school project just for them to notice your existence. One of the many methods of letting your crush know your feelings towards him or her is giving that person a message stating the reasons why you him or her.

This article may serve you benefits by providing suggested phrases or sentences to help you deliver your feelings effectively, and who knows your crush may be dying to say the same thing to you. A tone of modesty, romance, and sincerity should go together in crafting this type of message. If you see that some phrases and words are subject for changes due to circumstances then you may definitely do that for a feeling is similar with perspective, entirely different from how others perceive things that is.

  • All my life I have been an atheist but from the moment our gazes met, I became a believer just long enough to say Oh my God! Your angelic looks have converted me into something I thought I can never be, and I have been dying to tell you what my heart desires to shout to the world that I like you and would like to acknowledge every fiber of your being. 
  • I always have this rational hatred towards drugs for it poisons your mind by having delusions of grandeur while greatly affecting the health with a negative impact. But how is it possible to be drugged from your smoldering eyes which forces my mind into having delusional grandeur? For all I know you are my drug and the only thing that sets you apart from the abused drugs is you never poisoned my health, you have rather resuscitated my heart by making it beat for you.
  • We have been friends since forever and I had been the living witness of your dark and golden days. You have always been very graceful in those days which inspired me to contain myself should those times happen to me. Besides the inspiration that has grown inside me, an intimate liking towards you has grown, too.
  • Just so you know I dressed up yesterday to the tens just to be noticed by you, and apparently you were absent in the office. If you think this is really weird of me to send you this letter, well it really is but I recently developed this guts to admit fully about the depths of my feelings for you. 
  • Some things are just too much for people to hide, and I reckon you are the worthy maiden who needs to see what his heart of mine has been hiding for a long, long time. Please don’t be alarmed by its interior for it’s filled with memories I refuse to forget of you and I.
  • I have looked for lines in poetry, short stories, and even novels but no line was ever enough to explain the irrational thudding of my heart for you. It goes crazy every time you are near and I hope you’ve been hearing it so I don’t have to state the obvious fact anymore that I like you so much.

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