Love Text Messages for Boyfriend

Whenever two people are in a relationship, they love exchanging text messages of many kinds. Some messages may be romantic in nature; some may be naughty while some others are used to express love and care. Those messages which are used to express love and are sent through the means of text are known as love text messages. On the other hand, those which are sent to a boyfriend to express love are known as love text messages for boyfriend. Given below are a few examples of love text messages for boyfriend:

Sample Love Text Messages for Boyfriend

  • Dear Peter, your presence in my life has added so much color and brightness into my life. You are the best person that I have ever met and I wish I had met you a little sooner. I love you dear.
  • Jack, your smile makes my world go round, your touch puts millions of butterflies in my stomach and your wonderful nature puts brightness into my life. You are special and will always be. I love you so much my love.
  • Baby, your love is what is the driving force of my life.  You are my superman, my batman and my he-man. Your strength is so attractive my love and the way you protect me is just so amazing. I love you.
  • When you look at me, my heart becomes soft and my life gets a meaning.  When you smile at me, my life seems easier and I feel like you will never leave me. I think I am falling in love with you my hero.
  • I miss you whenever you are not around and I think of you even in my dreams. What is it that you have done to me? What has happened to my heart? I think this is love that I feel for you and only you are the cure of this disease.
  • Your love is my drug Tim. I crave for you when we are apart and I can’t take my eyes off you when we are together. The days spent with you are my favorite moments and the times without you are so hard.
  • Love is a powerful emotion and what I feel for you is the most powerful feeling that I have ever experienced. Promise me that you will never leave me, promise me to love me like this forever. I love you loads.

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