Sympathy Greeting Card Messages

Those kinds of greeting card messages that are sent in order to express sympathy are known as sympathy greeting card messages. These types of cards are used to convey the sender’s sympathy for the recipient and must sound sympathetic in tone as well. One must try and keep the length of these messages precise and the message to the point.

The following are a few samples and examples of sympathy greeting card messages that can be referred to by anyone who wishes to frame one himself.

Sample Sympathy Greeting Card Messages

  • Dear friend, I heard about your miscarriage and was deeply saddened by the news. Such cases are on a rise these days and I can sympathize with you completely. Don’t feel low or depressed as this is something natural which couldn’t have been avoided. May god’s blessings be with you.
  • Your accident was a very misfortunate event which could have been avoided.  But sometimes when luck is not on our side, things like this can happen and hurt us. I can understand your pain but am confident that you will be fine in a few days. Take care of yourself.
  • I heard the news about your job loss and was very sad on hearing about it.  My sympathies are with you and if you need any kind of help, I shall be there for you in thick and thin.
  • When things as sad as this happen in your life, you can do nothing to avoid the depression that crops up.  Life is full of miseries and remember that you are not alone in this.  Have faith and things shall be alright soon.
  • There is nothing that could have prepared you for this loss.  Pain comes as  a swift wind and takes our happiness away. I can understand what you must be going through and shall be there for you if you need me.
  • May peace and comfort find you in such difficult and tough times.
  • Me and john would like to express our sympathy for your loss. This was totally unexpected and this news has hit us all very hard.
  • Words cannot even begin to convey how I feel about your loss. This is a shattering news and my sympathies are with you dear friend.
  • Please remember that you are not alone and would never be left alone. I am here for you, no matter what happens in your life

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