Vacation Messages for Couples

Vacation messages are composed to wish someone luck, to remind them to always take care, or to bid them goodbye during their vacation. This type of message can be sent to couples who will be going together in a vacation to relax and have fun. If you happen to have a friend who has boarded a ticket for a vacation with his or her partner then you may want to compose a vacation messages for them or simply choose the sample messages of vacation messages you find below.

This article provides free samples of vacation messages for couples going in a vacation. You may choose which one is best fitting for them and apply some changes by changing the words and phrases if you see there is a need in doing such action. Should you wish to compose your very own for purposes of being unique, then you may definitely use the sample messages you find below as your guidelines. In the course of rephrasing and rewording, there is a need for you to carefully choose your words so that the delivery of this message is effective by setting the apposite tone. The tone should be warm, lighthearted, or add a little humor in it. This message can be sent through social media accounts, or sms text messages.

  • The day that you have been waiting for has finally come! I am so excited about your vacation even though it only includes you and your future hubby. This un-containable excitement that I have for you has been going on for days because you will be witnessing one of the greatest wonders of the world which I so happily recommended for you both. You need not worry a thing about impressing your future hubby because I know he will love the romantic, picturesque scenery. The place is just perfect for you two beautiful people. May you have a safe flight and enjoy your fantasy of a vacation.


  • Seeing you bidding goodbye to your stressful lifestyle makes me want to endlessly life knowing you’ll be facing them again once your vacation leave is done. Although a little bit saddened by this momentary parting, I am truly happy that one of my best friends has finally sought the significance of vacation leave if it were not for if we’ be walking zombies now with stress and restlessness as the virus. I am very much certain that you and your boyfriend will definitely enjoy your trip. May you both be safe in your trip. God bless you both.


  • What a month of stress that was for us and here we are extremely excited for our long vacation. I am a bit angry that you will be spending your vacation with your girlfriend instead of the whole team, but we do understand that you have already booked your ticket to another country to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Okay, maybe a little envious as well. Anyway, I hope you will have a good time with your girlfriend because you truly deserve to spend this long vacation of our with the person you adore the most considering the significant overtimes we spent. May your flight be safe and I hope you are happy with your vacation.


  • Well, well, well what have we here? Seeing you really happy for your vacation tomorrow spoils my day so much knowing that you will be spending your vacation time with your girlfriend in the place that I have been longing to visit since forever. That should have been me in her stead. This is why I hate appointing a dude with a girlfriend as one of my best friends. Anyway, you will always be my best of pal despite having one of those clingy humans with evil attitudes during red days. Please bring me one of the souvenirs that you will find there, you already know my tastes so I think there is no need for me to describe what it is that I want. I will boast that souvenir to everyone in my office so be sure you bring me that. Keep safe, pal.


  • How does it feel to spend your vacation with a guy you are destined to be with for the rest of your life? I can only imagine that I will be going that phase as well, when I find the guy that is going to marry me that is. Anyways, I hope you have packed all the girl necessities which I am certain that you have done that, so check on the stuff that your guy has packed you know how guys are when they pack things up. Guys will be guys so put some of your stuff in his bag so that there will be no extra charges in the airport. I know that you are so excited for this trip for you have discussed this with me over the weekend, so I hope your expectations will be fulfilled. Have a safe trip and enjoy.


  • Tomorrow is finally the day that you are going to travel the corners of the world, and to top it all off it is going to be with your boyfriend. I am so thrilled that my best friend will be travelling with her lover for the first time. I am not the one who’s travelling but I share the happiness and nervousness that I know you are feeling right now, my advise for you would only be this. Do not overthink of what is going to happen because everything will turn out very fine, drop the worries,  honey, and just live in every moment you spend with the guy whom you wholeheartedly love. May you both find the joy in your trip which both of you are truly deserving. Have a safe flight and please keep me up to date about the situation and your location, okay? I love you.


  • Spending some great time with lover in a vacation is a sure way to enjoy life from the stressful activities which it forces to everyone who does not need it at all. I wish that your lover and you will enjoy your weekend vacation away in the most treasured paradise of our country. I can only imagine the memories that you both will be making throughout the weekend and make sure to savor and live every moment of it. Both of you have a safe trip and fun adventure.


  • My day has just been stormed upon the announcement of your vacation with your awful looking partner. Well, both of you are, although you both have nice attitude– at least you both have this as your common. You should know that I am a spawn of Maleficent and wish only to grant you troubles and mishaps in your adventure. I will chant my spells tonight so that both of you will end up being miserable with each other. Just kidding! What I truly wish for you both is that may you both be miserably in love with each other as you go journey together in life and may your adventure be filled with love and fun only. Have a safe trip and enjoy every minute of your vacation.


  • Cheers to your first vacation outside the country with your fine looking girlfriend, buddy. Having witnessed your monotonous routine life just made me think you ought to have a vacation leave, and here you are on your vacation leave. I like it so much when I am right. I hope you will enjoy your vacation so much as you enjoy your monotonous routine. I heard that the place is really cool with very cool locals in there. I look forward to our next drinking session where we will be talking about this vacation of yours so that if ever it piques my interests I will be paying the place a visit as well with my lover. Enjoy your trip, buddy, and have a happy vacation.


  • You are finally going to the place that I have suggested for your vacation leave with your partner. You have no idea how happy I am that you will be visiting the place tomorrow. I know that my suggestions in the past are pure disappointment, but you have to believe me this time that you will find paradise in your hell-like life. The place is simply a marvel to behold and its romantic air will help you become closer to your partner more than ever. You’re welcome in advance and have an ecstatic adventure. I so love you both for this.


  • Seeing you this excited is a sight that I am enjoying for this is quite rare. The busy days of our work has finally come to an end and everyone in the office can sense the stress slowly ebbing away. All the people in the office knows that you will be going in a vacation with your lover. Some where shocked with disappointment that you are already taken, while the majority thinks this is a well deserved vacation for we all know you have worked restlessly for the success of the project. We hope that you will enjoy your vacation and that you will always keep safe.


  • Hearing the shriek from your excitement from the long vacation you will be spending with your partner makes my ears want to forget its work. I wish you would be gone sooner than later because I am deprived of sleep and your excitement is not helping me at all. I so hate you for this that I look forward for the day I’m going to avenge myself for being restless. Anyway, besides being excited from both you and your lovers vacation, I am also excited that I will not be hearing your raucous nonsensical words that come out of your mouth in a time where it is not needed. Have a safe trip and may your vacation be extended.


  • Love truly flourishes if we spend some lone time with the people who makes our heart want to beat endlessly just to be with that special someone for so long. Just thinking that you will be spending a short vacation of your lover thrills me to the bones because I can truly sense your man’s sincerity that he even managed to file a vacation leave despite that the CEO requiring his presence every now and then. I know that his sacrifice may somehow inspired guilt to grow in you, but you should not be thinking about this anymore because he is doing this for you. I have perceived it this way that he considers you far more important than his career for performing such action. Be happy and just enjoy your lovely trip.


  • There is no greater joy than spending some good time with your lover in a world of distress and boredom. I can’t help but share the excitement that you are feeling right now, son, now that you will be travelling in the different regions of the earth with your partner who I think is very beautiful  and just perfect for my perfect son. I wish you both luck in the long run and wish, too, that you will be safe in the adventure which I know will bring contentment and more to your humble heart. I love you and goodbye for now.


  • Your enthusiasm is just so palpable that it resonates around the room and is far too contagious for me. I know that you are so happy about this vacation thing with your lover and that you are all set a month before the vacation, but you need to learn to calm yourself down or you may have a heart attack before you get to live your expectations. Ease your heart for I know it’s feeling a good kind of pain for this kind of event. What I wish you both a wonderful time and that may your expectations be fulfilled. I love you and have a safe trip.


  • How I wish that I have enough money to go with your trip so I can spoil the  fun that you will be making and so that the memories you will be creating are awful ones– but this is just merely a wishful thinking. I am just joking! HA HA! I am just so jealous to the maximum that you lovers will be going in a vacation this weekend while I’m left here wallowing in the never ending cycle of sheer exhaustion. I hope your weekend will promising for both of you and that you will only have a very good time. I love you, best friend.


  • The awful days have finally reached its end and all of us are looking forward for the long vacation that we are going to spend with our family or our loved ones. I did not forget your promise that you will be travelling with your girlfriend to another country after the launch of this project so be sure to enjoy it. I think I will just spend some time in the gym, sauna, or do yoga to ease my aching mind from the hellish experience which seems new to me. Anyway, may you be granted with the happiness you have been longing for so long and that your adventures be filled with memories worth keeping. Say hi to me for  your girlfriend. I love you both.


  • To my best friend who thinks she will live a happily ever after with her current boyfriend, I know that you are so thrilled about this “lover’s vacation” which you so gladly coined the term. I am not going to remind you anymore having a good time and stuff for I know you enough that you really will even if your with someone with an unpleasant attitude. Anyway, life is too long for me  to enjoy it without you so be sure to keep you and your man safe. Have a safe trip with your boyfriend and may your happy ever after be a real happy ever after.


  • Have you been acquainted with loneliness because your best pal choose to spend sometime with his favorite girl, while here I lay in my bed of agony pleading for your vacation to be over as soon as possible?  Anyway, I have not been acquainted with that just yet but I sure will in two days where your journey to a happy vacation will be fulfilled. Even though I am starting to hate you in a certain degree, I still want to wish you a safe journey for that is the only thing that I’m concerned to you about. I mean, if you will die in your vacation then there will be no one who is fitting enough to punch in the gut whenever I get really moody. Have a short, safe journey and come back sooner than you promise.


  • My message for your fancy vacation will be short because I don’t want to wish you all the good stuff in life while you are going in a vacation with your lover. I will remember this day and I will seek vengeance by going in a vacation with my lover without you so that you will feel what I am feeling. Trust me I will. Anyway, you have a safe journey ahead. I love you and hate you at the same time.

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