14 Facts About Valentine’s Day (Infographic)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world as a day of love.  The first Valentine’s Day was celebrated in order to commemorate the fertility.

There are around 15% of the women who send flowers to themselves in America and 53% of the women dump their boyfriend if they do not receive the flowers and gifts.

In America, 65% of the people plan for dinner, 38% give chocolates to their loved ones, 8% send cards and 7% gift electronic items. According to the survey, on an average, a male spends around $168.74 and a female spend around $85.76 in order to purchase gifts and plan dinner with their loved ones.

In USA, Valentine’s Day is considered as a couple’s day by 61% of mothers and 38% of mothers consider the day as a family holiday.

On 14th of February 2001, a Guinness World Record was made when more than 32 couples from 22 countries exchanged their wedding rings underwater at the Kradan Island in Southern Thailand.

On this special day, lovers give different types of roses out of which 60% of them are grown in California and around 110 million are imported from South America.

Over 1000 letters every year reach Verona which is an Italian city where Romeo and Juliet spent their lives. All these letters are addressed to Juliet.

Over 62% of the couples use social media and technology in order to convey their Valentine’s Day message and out of this total 34% send the text messages, 33% send the messages through Facebook and 26% send emails.

14 Facts About Valentine’s Day

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14 Facts About Valentine’s Day
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