Funny Love Quotes for Him

Love is an emotion of great depth and great passion. It is truly the most powerful feeling in the world and is also the most beautiful one. To express love for someone, the best possible way is to send them a messages or a quote. Funny love quotes for him are the quotes of love which a girl writes to a boy and are funny to read. These quotes must have an element of humor to them and should be lighthearted. Given for your reference are a few funny love quotes for him.

Sample funny love quotes for him:

  • Ever since you have entered my life, my life has taken a U turn.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Earlier I was happy, now I am just confused,

Earlier I had to spend only on me, but now it’s also you.

I had a chance to look at other guys but now I have to see only you.

But even after these changes, I love you.[/notice]

  • Love is like a drug which if taken once, you get totally addicted.

Just the same way, I am addicted to you.

Even when you crack stupid jokes, I laugh.

Even when you wear ridiculous clothes, I like you.

  • What is love if not tolerating each other’s stupid habits,

What is love if not compromising for the one you love?

What is love if not tolerating each other’s annoying jokes?

I am sure I am in love with you because lately I have been tolerating a lot.

  • They say love is a pure emotion, I say this is crap as love is totally creepy, crazy and silly.

But then I sure am creepily and crazily in love with you.

  • Is it love when you start liking each other’s stupid clothing habits?

Is it love when body odour becomes tolerable?

Is it love when loud screechy voice sounds okay?

Well if this is love, then I am in love with you dear boyfriend.

  • Did I ever tell you that I find you irritating one moment and sweet the other?

Did I ever tell you that sometimes you really bore me when sometimes you are really interesting?

Is love the other name for these fluctuations? Well if yes, then I must be madly in love with you.

[/notice]Love is surely blind. Because sometimes I wonder how did I manage to hook up with someone so average looking.[/blockquote]

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