Funny Valentine Messages for Her

Funny Valentine messages for her are the messages that a sender sends to a female reader on Valentine’s Day.

These messages are the funny messages that are sent to a girl or any female counterpart on the day of Valentines.

The purpose of these messages is to express your feelings in a funnier way.

Sample Funny Valentine Messages for Her

[blockquote]The day when I gave you my heart, I accepted you to be my sweet heart. Now I want to take back my heart and want to call someone else as my sweetheart. I am kidding my darling, Happy Valentine’s Day![/blockquote]

  • You are my girlfriend, kind, loving, beautiful and hot. Everything that I just sad is what you are not. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I always think about you and think of feeling your sweetest embrace. But this would be only possible if you hide your face. Happy Valentine’s Day.[/notice]
  • You are my lovable princess, who scratched all the happiness. You must know I am in a mood to joke. Happy Valentines.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I am in deepest love with your smile, your hair and your eyes. Don’t you think these are my favorite lies? Happy Valentine’s Day![/notice]

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