Funny Valentine’s Day Card Quotes

Funny Valentine’s Day card quotes are the humorous quotes that can be sent to your loved ones on the Valentine’s Day. These quotes express your love and feelings towards your partner in a humorous manner. Such quotes are framed with the use of comical words and are sent on the day of Valentine’s to make your partner smile with your words and greetings. Below given are some samples of these quotes for your reference.

Sample funny Valentine’s Day card quotes

  • I hope that you know that my love for you is only till today that is for this Valentine’s. It is because I do not wanted to sit at home alone and I rang you up from my phone. Just kidding darling, I love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.

[blockquote]I think falling in love with you was a grand occasion. At the same time, I have thought that after this Valentine’s, falling out of this love would be indeed thousand grand. Just kidding, don’t get serious; you are the source of my happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day.[/blockquote]

  • Sweetheart, I have got too tired on this Valentine’s attending calls of my fans that I won’t be able to meet you. People are calling me time and again so that I can go to them and say “I love you”. Just kidding, I wanted to see a pretty smile on your face; you are the only one whom I say “I love you”. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.
  • I have actually got bored spending so much time with you that I have thought to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with someone new. Just kidding, I wanted to see that angry face of yours. I love you and you are my only Valentine.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]I have got so tired loving you that I actually need rest. On this Valentine’s I wish if I had more than one option and if I could say “who’s next?” Just kidding, don’t be serious; I wanted to make you feel joyous. You are the only one whom I love, you are a blessing sent from above. I love you, happy Valentine’s Day to you.[/notice]

  • I want to give you ample space on this Valentine’s. It is because I want ample space for my Valentine’s. Just kidding sweetheart, I am coming to meet you soon, it’s you only whom I love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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