Funny Valentine’s Day Messages for Co-workers

Valentine’s Day is for everyone and people send variety of messages on this day. Funny Valentine’s Day messages for co-workers are the humorous messages that can be exchanged between the co-workers on the day of Valentine’s to crack a joke or to entertain each other. These messages will surely make the Valentine’s Day of your co-worker a special day and will bring a smile of their face.

Sample Funny Valentine’s Day Messages for Co-Workers

  • [blockquote]   Dearest co-workers do not forget to leave from your office early today. It would be a nice way to pretend that you are going on a Valentine’s Date. Happy Valentine’s Day.[/blockquote]
  • I am sure that each of my co-workers wants to do something special on this Valentines. I have an advice, propose your project, hug it and kiss it. This would be the most memorable and a special Valentine’s for you ever. Just kidding, have a great day ahead. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • There are so many beautiful co-workers I have in my office that I am actually confused whom to make my Valentine for this year. Just kidding, you are my dearest co-worker. Happy Valentine’s dear.
  • To all of my co-workers, since I can understand the pain of spending a Valentine’s date at office, I want to lend a heavy heart to each one of you. Get well soon people and get a partner to spend your day with. Just kidding, happy Valentine’s Day.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Dearest co-workers, let us go to our boss and ask her for a Valentine’s leave. We all are sure that we are not going to get it but we will get an opportunity to communicate with our sexiest and a beautiful boss ever. Let us try our luck on her on this Valentine’s Day. Just kidding, have a blessed day.[/notice]

  • I would like to wish all my co-workers a day full of love with your work, moments of romance with your pen, hours with your office staff and togetherness with the hot colleagues, if there is any. Just kidding, I wanted to entertain you all. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • There is a similarity between a co-worker and someone’s Valentine. Do you know what? They both simply screw our lives. Happy Valentine’s to all of my co-workers.
  • Dearest co-worker isn’t it so special that we spend this Valentine with not just one Valentine around but many such morons who are in an urgent need of hooking up. Just kidding, happy Valentine’s Day.

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