Funny Valentine’s Day Messages for Her

On Valentine’s Day, people search for the most creative way to impress their feelings towards their loved ones. Valentine messages, greeting cards, SMS messages, etc are sent to the partners to let them know about your feelings. Funny Valentine’s Day messages for her are such type of humorous messages that are particularly sent to the females on the day of Valentine’s. These messages are framed in a comic tone and can be sent to your girlfriend, wife, fiancée to express your love.

Sample Funny Valentine’s Day Messages for Her

  • I just say that you are beautiful by looking at your face. You have got nothing else that I can actually embrace. When I say you that I love you, remember that I joke always. Just kidding, this is the most special way to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Once you break my heart, I will break your jaws. You are not a princess of some magical world, and I do love you with so many flaws. I think you got serious; it was a little gesture to push you in a humorous mess. Happy Valentine’s and I love you.
  • If loving or thinking about you are the only answers to my living, than trust me I would like to urgently reframe the question. Just kidding, I wanted to make you smile and this was a Valentine’s wish of my style. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • It was in my destiny to be linked with a funny girl like you till eternity. I will make joke of you whenever I will find an opportunity and won’t ever be there whenever you will be in any difficulty. Just kidding, I wanted to send you a scary Valentine’s wish. I love you and that needs no explanations. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Since the day I made you my wife, I have experienced all the financial crisis of my life. You have actually disturbed all my budgets. Just joking, I can sacrifice my life for you. Here is a funny and a humorous Valentine’s wish for you. I love you
  • It is not because of your love or the hangover that I am not able to sleep at nights. It is because of your scary face and horrible moments that catches me at tight. Just kidding, I love you and I will be with you all the time. Wish you a very happy Valentine’s.

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