Romantic Good Night Messages to My Love

Good night messages are sent and exchanged between people to bid a good night wish and conveying a thoughtful emotion. These messages when are sent by a sender to his or her love are called as romantic good night messages to my love. Such messages are expressive of the sender’s love for his or her partner and delivers a happy good night wish to the reader. The messages must be framed using loving and caring words.

Sample Romantic Good Night Messages to my Love

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]I wish to lay by your side as you close your cute little eyes. I wish to keep staring you and wait till the morning to wake you. This message reaches to the love of my life to say good night. Have a peaceful sleep.[/notice]

  • As you are about to sleep, I would like to make sure that you do not have a single tear to weep. I am thinking about you at this point of time, I wish I could come to you and could make you mine. Good night and have a nice sleep.
  • I have hired the moon to take care of you all this night. I will constantly bother you to make sure that you are feeling alright. Please accept this good night greeting that I have sent your way, I promise to love you always.
  • Forget all the sorrows and think about a beautiful tomorrow. Another day is soon going to end and I am waiting for your eyes to bend. Before you sleep, please know that I really love you; I wish to say good night to you.
  • Holding your hand and looking into your eyes, I just wish that you sleep without a sigh. I will pray that you be greeted with the wonderful dreams tonight, Good night.

[blockquote] Switch off the lights and imagine me holding you tight. Think about our love under the moon light and have an amazing night. I love you dear, have a peaceful sleep.[/blockquote]

  • I wish I was there to caress you gentle hair. I wish I could stay and take all your worries away. I wish to make this night mine and love you all the while. I wish to hold you tight and sleep with you all the night. Good night!
  • Let you forget everything and think about our love. Every night is surely a blessing from above. I am there to protect you, I love you. Good night.

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