Romantic Good Night Text Messages for Him

When you wish to bid someone good night, this can be done by sending messages, SMS messages, text messages or greeting card messages. Good night messages are sent with a purpose to wish a sound sleep. Romantic good night text messages for him are such romantic messages that are sent to the male reader, to bid him a love-filled good night. The messages must express sender’s passionate love for the reader and also wish him good night.

Sample Romantic Good Night Text Messages for Him

  • It is the time to switch of all the lights and welcome a beautiful night. Moon is shining bright and I am waiting for you to hold me tight. I miss you and good night to you.
  • Let your pillow be me so that you can hug it all night. Let your blanket be me so that you can wrap me tight. Let the moon be me so that I can shine so bright, I am messaging to greet you with a lovely good night. Sleep well and take care.

[blockquote]I will wait for you to wake up and will greet you with a coffee cup. Till that time you have to sleep with a shine. I am missing your love and care, have a peaceful night my dear. Good night.[/blockquote]

  • Millions of stars are waiting for you to close your eyes. I have hired the moon for you to shine so high. You are surely the best, take proper care and good rest. Have a peaceful sleep, good night.
  • I was looking outside and was thinking about the person whom I love the most. You came up in my mind and I would like to wish good night to you. I love you, sweet dreams.
  • It is the time to wash your face and wash your feet. Do not delay and fall asleep. I will take care of you all the night; imagine me hugging you so tight. Good night and sweet dreams.
  • I hope this night passes nice and sweet. I will talk to you till the time you go off for a sleep. I wish to lie at your side and keep on looking at you, please know that I really love you. Good night!

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]As you were always there to protect me during the day, I am sending a love filled good night wish on your way. Please sleep without any worries; I will be the first one whom you will see when you will open your eyes. Good night.[/notice]


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