Romantic Valentine Sms Messages

Valentine’s Day is all about the expressions of love, emotions, care and feelings. On such a day full of love, people send messages, sms messages and greeting card messages, to shower their feelings on their partners and to let them know that they are valued. These messages which are framed romantically and sent as SMS on the day of Valentines are called as romantic valentine sms messages. The messages should convey sender’s passionate love for the reader.

Sample Romantic Valentine Sms Messages

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]On this Valentines, I want to make you feel out of world. To me you are my dearest angel. You are an only love of my life and I assure you that this Valentines would be full of surprises. I love you darling.[/notice]

  • On this Valentine’s, let us together gather the moments to shine. Hand in hand and eyes to eyes, I want to make you feel the moments of paradise. I love you a lot dear; I want to celebrate many such Valentines with you forever. I love you.
  • I am in love with you for the way you smile. I am madly thinking about your style. Since today is Valentine’s Day, I want to be with you all the while. I really love you a lot sweetheart; I will love you even if we will be apart.
  • You presence in my life is the source of my happiness. Since today is Valentine’s Day, I am longing for our togetherness. I have so much love for you that I want to show, I want to love you from your head to the toe. I love you.
  • Since the day you have entered in my life, I have felt so happy and high. On this Valentine’s, I want to shower you with the best of my love; I want to let you know that you are a blessing from above. I love you a lot and I am crazy for this bond.
  • I feel so glad to call you as my Valentine. On this day, I just can’t wait to make you mine. Give me your soul and give me your heart, I promise that together we will shine. I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

[blockquote]A kiss from your gentle lips is a moment of bliss. The warmth of your soft body makes me feel so cosy. I love everything in you, happy Valentine’s Day to you. [/blockquote]

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