Romantic Valentine’s Day Card Quotes

Your love to your partner or to your spouse can be best expressed when you opt to shape and send it in the most romantic way. Valentine’s Day is the best day on which you can shower your feelings and passionate love on your partner and this can be done by sending romantic Valentine’s Day card quotes, through greeting cards or E-cards. These quotes express your profound love on the day of Valentine’s.

Sample Romantic Valentine’s Day Card Quotes

[blockquote]Next time whenever it rains, try to catch the drops and equate it with the love that you do to me. Now look for the drops that you missed around, it is the love that I do to you. I love you and happy Valentine’s Day to you.[/blockquote]

  • Our love is like two hearts sharing a single soul and also like two hearts sharing a single beat. You are the love of my life without whom I am incomplete. I love you and happy Valentines’ Day to you.
  • No matter what life brings to us, you will always be there in my heart. I will keep on loving you with the same feelings even if we will be apart. I love you a lot sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, I madly love you.
  • How can you be so beautiful and how can you me so fine. I dearly wish if you could surrender yourself to me and be mine. I love you a lot and I just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s. I Love you.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]I got to know that I am in deepest love with you when I realised that I cannot laugh, cry, enjoy and make my memories with anyone else other than you. This is the kind of love that I do to you. Happy Valentine’s Day![/notice]

  • You are my special someone with whom I want to celebrate my Valentine’s with fun. I love you the most in my life; you are the only one who has filled my life with happiness and joys. I love you, happy Valentine’s Day to you.
  • Thanks for holding my hand during all the phases of my life. I love you to an extent that I can rely on you with my closed eyes. You are the one with whom I will celebrate my Valentine’s, let us together be lost in the moment of love. I love you.

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