Valentine Day Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful occasion to put across your heart to someone whom you love. Messages and greeting cards are exchanged between the lovers in order to convey the feelings. One such type of messages that are sent by a girl to her ex boyfriend on the day of Valentine’s is called as Valentine’s Day messages for ex boyfriend. These messages are framed thoughtfully and are sent with emotions to tell you’re ex boyfriend that he is still being missed and valued. Given below are the samples.

Valentine Day Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Sample Valentine’s Day Messages for ex Boyfriend

  • I have always considered you as the hero of my life. Without you, this Valentine’s Day is passing with a feeling of sigh. I am sorry. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I wish to apologise for every single mistake that I have done. On this Valentine’s I would like to ask from you if we can again become one. I still love you the same way that I used to be, you were a dream come true to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • On this Valentine’s I feel so gloomy and alone. I kept on waiting for your call by looking at my phone. I knew you will not come back to me; I love you and will always be. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • This Valentine’s Day made me nostalgic of all the previous Valentine’s that we have spent together. I never wanted to go far from you but always wanted to stay near. I am missing you very much; I am missing the warmth of your gentle touch. Take care, Happy Valentine’s my dear.
  • The past rules me and makes me sad. On this Valentine’s I wish if you were there to hold my hand. I regret for making all those mistakes, I love you the same way, till date. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Can you give me another chance and be my Valentine for the lifetime? I am missing you and I am not able to manage without you. I still love you.
  • I miss the moments of our togetherness. You were a real source of my happiness. You were always there to understand and now I am all alone, waiting for you to hold my hand. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • As I promised you that I will see no other guy else you, I am all alone. This Valentine’s can we be one again? I still love you.

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