Valentine Day Messages for Her

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day for the lovers to express the feelings of love and care that they possess for each other. On such a day, messages, greeting cards and SMS texts are sent to your partner to shower your feelings and convey your thoughts. Valentine day messages for her are such love filled messages that are framed beautifully and are sent to a female on the day of Valentine. These messages can be sent by a sender to his girlfriend, wife or a fiancée.

Sample Valentine Day Messages for Her

Valentine Day Messages for Her

  • It is all about your gentle touch that makes me love you so much. It’s about the curl of your hair that makes my love stronger and deeper. It is about the prettiest smile that forces me to think about you all the while. Happy Valentine’s!
  • The love that you have given you to me is the biggest treasure that I own. I love your voice when you pamper me over a phone. I love everything in you, I wish to love you all though. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • There is so much about you that I deeply understand. I go crazy when you look into my eyes and hold my hand. With you, I feel so happy and glad. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • That spark in your eyes makes me feel happy and high. That dimple on your face is a scene that I always wish to embrace. You are surely a divine beauty, I promise to love you till eternity. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.
  • You have given me endless moments to remember and to cherish. Having a girl like you, was my awaited wish. This Valentine’s, I am deeply thinking about you, please know that I am in deepest love with you.
  • Since the day you came in my life, I have experienced blissful moments of love. To me, you are surely a blessing sent from above. I love you like my little princess, I love the way you spread happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day darling.
  • The first day when I saw you, I developed feelings that were so pure and true. Ever since then, I wish to love you all through. The smile on your face is a moment to embrace and the touch of your kiss is a moment of bliss. Happy Valentine’s.
  • You will always be my one true love. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.

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