Valentine’s Day Card Messages for Friends

There are many type of messages, greeting card messages or SMS messages that are exchanged between friends. Valentine’s Day card messages for friends are one such type of messages that are sent to your friends on Valentine’s Day to greet them with a Happy Valentine’s wish.


These messages are expressive of your love and fondness for your friends and are sent in an attractive manner. Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Valentine’s Day Card Messages for Friends

  • Dearest friend, thanks for always being there with me during my thick and thin. I cannot imagine my life without you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and I really love you.
  • You are my best friend on whom I can rely at the times of my bend. Since it is the Valentine’s Day today, I want to take an opportunity to thank you for all those times when you were there to understand. I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day to you.
  • I don’t believe those people who say that Valentine’s Day is only for lovers. You are my best friend and for that I would like to celebrate this day with a great cheer. Happy Valentine’s Day my dearest friend.
  • My friendship with you is like a blessing. It is a feeling full of understanding. On this day full of love, I do not want to miss an opportunity to let you know that you are special. I love you buddy, happy Valentine’s Day!
  • The friendship that I have with you is all about loving you unconditionally. I can rely on you blindly. I would like to tell you that I really value this bond, dearest friend; of you I am so fond. Happy Valentines’ Day!
  • You are a dearest friend to me whom I cannot afford to lose. Amongst all, you were the best person that I thought to choose. I feel blessed to have such a loving and caring friend like you, happy Valentine’s Day to you.
  • Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go but true friends like you are forever. Since it is the Valentine’s Day, let us celebrate this love-filled friendship with a great cheer. I love you a lot my dear, please always stay near.
  • Valentine’s Day is to celebrate with the friends like you who know the real meaning of love and togetherness. Thanks for everything and for the shared happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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