Valentine’s Day Friendship Quotes

Valentine’s Day friendship quotes are the quotes that are sent to friends on the day of Valentine’s. These quotes are expressive of the love that you have for your friends and the feelings that you wish to shower to them on Valentine’s Day. The quotes must be framed in such a manner that it should reflect your love, care and emotions that you have for your friends.

Sample Valentine’s Day Friendship Quotes

  • You are a dearest friend to me who has always made me feel happy. You have that warmth in your smile that makes me feel positive all the while. Let this Valentines we freshen up our bond of friendship, this is the most beautiful relationship. I love you dear friend.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Because our friendship is a bond with flowing love and feelings, on this Valentine’s I do not want to miss an opportunity to be with you and mark this day with happiness and blessings. Dearest friend, thanks for always being there to understand. I love you and happy Valentine’s Day to you.[/notice]

  • Who says that Valentine’s Day is just meant for the lovers? It is the day for the friends to cherish their bond of friendship forever.  You are the friend whom I value the most in my life; your friendship is surely an asset that makes me feel happy and high. Happy Valentine’s Day dearest friend.
  • Because the bond of friendship that we share is built with mutual trust and care, I want to wish you a very happy Valentine’s dear. I consider you to be the love of my life, dear friend, you presence is what makes me feel overjoyed. Happy Valentine’s and promise that you will always be there at my side.
  • No love is far reaching than the love between two friends. No relationship can last till the bond of friendship end. On this Valentine’s I want to let all my friend know that I have so deep feelings for all of you that I owe. Thanks for being there in my life, wish you all a very happy Valentine’s.

[blockquote]I love you dearest friend and this is the reason why I am sending this Valentine wish on your way. This wish packs a promise that I will be there for you always. I want no one else other than you, I really value you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.[/blockquote]



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